How to be Sexy, otherwise known as, the Art of Learning Bachata.

How About you and I Bailamos Bachata? Here reposting this cool post by “A Woman of Beauty and Means”.


La Negra Se Movia- Richie Ricardo El Natural

This is a brief post in honor of an artist that recently (this week) passed away. If you are an 80’s kid, just like me, you will remember El Natural and his music.
The last time I heard this song must have being around 25 years ago, still, I could remember it. His music and his singing (sometimes compared to El Caballo Mayor, Johnnie Ventura) were very funky and happy.
Richie Ricardo, descanse en paz. You let your mark on the Latin Music world. You may go in peace and be satisfied. Just like this song says: Hay cosas maravillosas que en esta vida no se olvidan (there are wonderful thing that are unforgettable in your life) that is how El Natural music is.

Viewing this video is like being visited by a gentle Ghost. A Ghost in la Calle 30 de Marzo of la Ciudad Corazon. The Hotel Mercedes Does not exists anymore in the heart of Santiago. Yet trough the magic of video that gorgeous Colonial Monster is still alive, the video of “Mesita de Noche” Bachata written and sang by Victor Victor.

I think Victor Victor never imagined that when he composed that song it was going to be capable of unleashing so much nostalgia for many Dominicans. The nostalgia of the tune itself and of the video, which depicts many places that are not there anymore. Is so sad how beautiful old things are abandoned and forgotten. I will not allow that to happen with this tune. Is such a paradox that the lyrics of the songs are exactly about not allowing someone to forget. He tells the object of his affection: “I will save your love in my night stand, it is like a pendant hanging from the middle of my heart”

Now, as you have seen by me previous posts I am all about the Dominican Music of the 80’s. Today I have a little jewel for you, a gem I save in my night stand: “Mi Mesita de Noche” by Dominican singer/songwriter Victor Victor.

About the author. Along with Juan Luis Guerra and El Terror, Mr. Luis Dias, Victor Victor was one of the Dominican musicians that started kind of “refining” Bachata back in the 80’s and 90’s. While is not Bachata pura, the three gentlemen mentioned before deserve a lot of credit for helping Bachata become part of the mainstream in Domican Republic and breaking the stigma that it was music for uneducated people. I think their contribution is important and is a reason of the acceptance of new Bachateros such as Aventura, Prince Royce and Romeo Santos.

Below the lyrics of “Mesita de Noche” translated into English for your enjoyment:

“Mesita de Noche” (“Nightstand”)

Do not ask me to leave
You will not get me to do that
The love in me, The love in me
Accompany me to the end.

No you do not want to look
If your eyes are my light
Two stars that illuminate me
At night. The reason the blue sea …

Because I keep your love
On my nightstand
Going on as a pendant
In the middle of the heart (Bis)

The portrait of my dreams
Take your face painted
You do not want me to delete
O my soul will die …

Si señor Como no!? Caribe! Caribe Caribe Soy! (Suntan por Maridalia Hernandez y Michel Camilo)

“El viento de nuevo canta un himno para una ciudad azul marino”. Cada vez que veo este video se me pone la piel de gallina. Me siento mas patriota y mas Dominicano que nunca. Esta cancion es un himno al mestizage! Me siento orgulloso de serlo y de tener compatriotas tan talentosos. En “Suntan” o “Caribe” la musica es de Michael Camilo, arreglo de Jorge Taveras, letras e interpretacion por Maridalia Hernandez.

Ver el video de la cancion “Suntan” es como ver un poema. Si eso le añades la voz celestial de la diva Dominicana Maridalia Hernandez y la magia del genial Michel Camilo, el video se convierte en un orgasmo para los sentidos.

Mi voz es de arena y viento De sal es mi sentimiento,
Yo quiero encerrarme mar adentro
Y dejar mis penas navegar.
Navegar hasta que el viento cante un himno
Para una ciudad que huele a azul marino,
Calor y color hoy se me han confundido
Navegando hasta mi tierra verde mar.

Soy de arena y viento También sal y sentimiento,
Yo quiero encerrarme mar adentro
Y dejar mis penas navegar

Marola. Sergio Vargas.

A proposito de Luis Dias y a proposito de la nostalgia:
Just like any other “chamaquito” growing up in Dominican Republic, this song was an important part or our repertoire or should I say childhood’s soundtrack.
Great interpretation of Sergio Vargas and a fantastic song of Luis Dias.
The song “Marola” was a major hit in DR, this helped consolidate Sergio Vargas as a recognized singer and consolidated Dias prestige as the genius he was.
“Marola”, is narrated as a country men wooing a young country woman. Is a very naive and sweet song. In the song we can hear how Dias incorporated not only the way county side people from DR talk (or would sing), it also incorporates musical elements rooted on the Dominican traditions. Amazing song. Enjoy it.