“André Veloz, una de las pocas mujeres intérpretes de la bachata tradicional” by Philip Klint

Bachatera Andre Veloz in a very witty interview by Philip Klint from NY1. Hoping to hear more of Andre Veloz and definitively hoping to hear more of emerging Bachateras. If you know the names of more female Bachata singers please leave me the names as comments in the comment section of this blog. Will be delighted to share their music.

Andre Veloz's Blog

Andre Veloz y Yasser Tejeda en el Andrew Freedman Home del Bronx junto al periodista Philip Klint para NY1 Noticias Andre Veloz y Yasser Tejeda en el Andrew Freedman Home del Bronx junto al periodista Philip Klint para NY1 Noticias

Es una de las pocas voces femeninas en un género dominado por hombres. Pero André Veloz, ha logrado abrirse camino en el mundo de la bachata a través de sus propias composiciones y una fusión con otros estilos y géneros musicales. Philip Klint nos tiene su historia. Viene de una familia de abogados. Pero André Veloz nunca se interesó en una carrera en derecho. Su pasión desde chica fue la música, canciones de Madonna, que solía entonar en la regadera de su casa, rock latino y por supuesto el merengue de su país natal. Nacida en St. Croix en las Islas Vírgenes, Veloz se crió en República Dominicana y es ahí donde poco a poco se fue empapando de lo que se convertiría en su vocación, una de las pocas…

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Dancing Bachata and the Bass Guitar

This is too interesting and needed to share! Enjoy this Blog entry on the fantastic musical puzzle Bachata is and all of it’s components.

Bachata Music and Dance

“Its like a car. If you are missing a piece it’s not a car, the car doesn’t run.” These are the words of influential bachata bass player Billy Bachata during an interview I did with him. Speaking about the role of the bass in bachata music and dance he went on to say that the bass guitar is the foundation or “floor” in bachata, and that it has to be beautiful so that you can add other furniture and decorations on top of it. These other decorations are the other instruments such as the lead guitar and vocals. While the bass player can add embelishments to the music they should never forget their role in providing the foundation for the musicians and the dancers. This is an important concept for dancers as well. By deeply connecting with the bass dancers can build a solid foundation from which to add other…

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Dominican dance declared ‘cultural heritage’

Just in time!!

Repeating Islands


Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

Bachata is a dance and genre of music that originated in the countryside and rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic in the early 20th century and has now spread to Europe and the United States.

Its worldwide popularity is a great achievement for the DR and, this week, the government took the next step to honor bachata by passing a law that declares it part of their cultural heritage.

Under the new law, the Ministry of Culture is responsible for promoting, disseminating, and expanding bachata. The law requires Dominican embassies, consulates and missions all over the world to take action and promote bachata abroad.

“[This law] is meaningful because it contributes to the value and preservation of this important Dominican Republic musical expression,” Minister of Culture José Antonio Rodríguez said.

For the original report go to http://www.pangeatoday.com/dominican-dance-declared-cultural-heritage

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